James le Roux – Winter Throw Outs


James le Roux is back with his second EP on Lowless!

With a touch of warmth and clarity the Winter Throw Outs EP pulls the listener into a psychedelic winter jam.


In Delirium – is a deep and subtle roller which has whispering synths and looping guitars and the mood is one for the late night dreamer.

On the flipside, Growing Down is a euphoric, slightly left-field experience with a touch of winter sown through it. The warm moog-esque hook will keep those chills at bay, don’t you fret now.


James’ Winter Throw Outs keeps a balance between electronica and deep house that aims to satisfy both the hypnotised dancer or the armchair moustache twiddler.

Discover also 2 great remixes from Suso Flores and Christian Bachmann!

Cover credit: Antoine Legendre