Far Away & Unlayr – L’infinito


The Infinite.

Which is a key concept of romanticism in literature and art. The idea of infinite that we want to describe is a natural breathtaking landscape that amazes humans for its boundlessness. But at the same time makes them feel a sense of fear at being so small in front of the greatness and power of nature. Far Away & Unlayr with this EP want both to tell a story and deliver the beauty of art in all its forms.


Streben – The concept of Streben is very present in Romanticism and indicates the titanism of the man which faces the difficulties of life, and reacts with a strong drive to life. The Streben is a boost to life, to fight and raise in the greatest difficulties.

Infinitudem – This song is a tribute to the poem ‘L’infinito’ by Giacomo Leopardi. The idea is to communicate the concept of fusion between nature and man, which loses himself in an astonishing view.

Cover credit: Louis Clerc