Daniel​[​i] revisits Saebius


Last year, while listening to Luigi Tozzi’s podcast for the youtube channel ‘Hate’ we discovered an intriguing track called Bliss from a mysterious artist ‘In a Left Place’.

We totally felt in love with the music and decided to contact this author to know more about the project.
After few email exchanges, we realised we had found someone very close to our vision of music, art and life. We decided to send him the promo of Sæbius’ Water Memories EP, he was very inspired and asked if we would be interested in an EP of remixes. We of course accepted and here is the result.

That is the kind of stories that we cherish to have more often. This is why we are working everyday to spread our vibe. We are etremely proud and happy to welcome Dan under his other alias Daniel​[​i], to the Lowless family.

And as we want to celebrate our 10th release with you, we decided to offer one track of this atmospheric EP in Free Download on our Bandcamp.

Artwork by Kobarey