Ashka – Hierarki


Hierarki – Given the depths of this track, it serves very emotionally. Keeping it very minimal and simple synths and drums are dancing around your head, taking you to a soulful journey.

Much of what was going through the mind of Ashka while recollecting emotions from close relatives fighting the revolution of Iran, It was the start of the EP, the very first pillar of the three.[/vc_column_text]

Öde Gulf invites you to a dark and deep hypnotic trip. Not too serious, not to childish, but very efficient. Keeping it sharp contrary to the bass, with an atmosphere that goes around.

Modern Mess – The power in this emotional track represents the world we live in today. A rise to break free from the oppressions.
Let the warm arp, carried by the soft strings and the light pads, carry you away in your thoughts.

Hierarki Remix from Nadja Lind – Dancefloor tailored, Nadja Lind delivers here an extended techno track, deep, organic and aquatic.

Cover credit: Antoine Legendre