With Lowless’ Open Soul sessions, we are opening a new chapter of our young life. We will invite some artists to share with us pieces of inspiration and emotion. Dj Set or Live set, the goal here is to let them express themselves, without pre defined rules. They have “carte blanche”

We start with our dear James le Roux (@le_roux), who played for us with his current works and inspirations to offer an one hour chill travel full of life.


  1. Seidensticker & Salour – Abbu From Paris (@igloo-rec-1)
  2. @Kobarey – Untitled
  3. @arthurmilesmusic – (@untzz-records)
  4. James le Roux – Jam 1
  5. James le Roux – Untitled
  6. Mark Van Hoen – 1979 (JLR Rework)
  7. James le Roux – Jam 2, Black Tambourine
  8. James le Roux – Diva (Igloo-Rec)
  9. James le Roux – Routines
  10. Beck – Heaven Hammer (JLR Rework)