It was exactly one year ago that we released our first EP, Finale EP by James le Roux. We remember that day when we received this demo of The Sea Organ… Melancholic feeling and still the same sensation when we listen to this.

And after one year we can definitely say that this is such an amazing adventure that we started.
We promoted talented artists, we met a lot of crazy people, and most of all we shared passion with all of you.

We want to say THANK YOU.
Thank your for supporting and listening to us.
Thank you to give us feed back on our music.
Thanks James, Far Away, Unlayr, Dust Yard, JPLD, Sÿn & Vlaskiu, Suso Flores, Christian Bachmann, who participated to this first chapter. Thanks in advance to these new killers who are joining soon, they will recognize themselves #teasing.

We had no other ambition than give a spotlight to young talented artists, and to spread honest vibes. No it’s time for step two, and you can be sure that we will do our best.

Damien, Antoine & Sophian.